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As a Los Angeles intimate wedding planner, I can tell you it is possible to have the small, intimate wedding you’ve been dreaming of in a big, bustling city! Welcome to Kindred Weddings and Events, where we focus on crafting an event to remember that highlights all the special relationships in your life.

You know, the bond you have with your grandmother over baking. The fond memories of camping and exploring in nature every summer with your family. The best friend who held your hand through the trials and challenges of growing up. 

Those relationships have shaped you into the person you are today, the person who is promising to love, honor, and cherish their partner through the sacred bond of marriage.

What would it feel like to actually spend time being present with the people you love on your wedding day?

Your wedding day is a special time to celebrate all of these relationships. And to allow your loved ones to honor and support this new relationship you are stepping into. It’s time to start planning your love-fueled, intimate wedding!

A NorCal girl, with a heart for embracing the uncommon intimacy that can be found in this bustling metropolitan city. Weddings are about people, and I cannot wait to get to know YOU!

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Sarah Blessinger

with gratitude, Sarah

An intimate wedding is for anyone who desires to put their relationships first. For anyone who wants to focus on building a solid foundation for their marriage. And for those who want less on their big day, not more. Basically, everyone deep down inside wants to have an intimate wedding, but we end up having too many expectations thrust upon us (both internal and external) that lead to bigger, and busier wedding days.

Take a step back and think about what you want less of, to help create more margin for enjoying time with your favorite people. Less noise so you can focus on conversations. Less waste so you can give back. Less people so you can be your truest self. Less space so the closeness reverberates the joy. Less formalities so you can express who you are.

What is an intimate wedding?


After having to reschedule and then cancel our wedding we were feeling super burnt out and exhausted by the entire process. On our first call Sarah was so empathetic, resourceful, and had some amazing ideas on how we could plan a micro-wedding. I immediately felt at ease and found my excitement to plan again! We had a super tight time frame and Sarah gave us the confidence to know we could plan a beautiful wedding.
Sarah was extremely helpful when it came to rentals, decor, and design. She helped us make decisions on things we wouldn't have even thought about. We managed to pull it off and had a gorgeous, intimate wedding!

Mya + Chris


We planned our wedding in LA from across the country and Sarah was a big help in finding vendors that were a great match for us. She is easy to work with; my husband and I aren't super traditional and I never felt like Sarah was bewildered by any of our choices/preferences. I think Sarah can read people well and that serves her in helping to identify what is important to a couple and also what the couple may need more help with based on their personalities. Sarah was a wonderfully calming presence for us. She managed all the vendors and the hotel herself wonderfully which allowed us to be present on our wedding day, instead of being occupied with event details.

Ehsan + Nora


When I walked into the reception, on my way to the first look, I actually started crying because the vision that I had imagined for so long, had come to life and was perfectly executed with touches that I didn't even think of. This is so important for someone like me who had put so much time and thought into everything for the last year and a half.

There were so many things going on behind the scenes and Sarah handled it all. She took complete control while also being the sweetest person in the world. She made it very clear that she was going to take care of us, and that she did.

Luis + Shabrayia

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