Real intimate weddings in Los Angeles to make you smile

Browse through real intimate weddings in Los Angeles that show you can have a sophisticated event topped with whimsy and joy!

An intimate wedding creates so much margin and space for moments that last forever; space for relationships to grow, space for memories to be made, and space to be close to one another when it means the most.

Wayfarers Chapel Wedding

Smoky Hollow Studios Wedding

Santa Barbara Hilton Wedding

Culver Hotel

university club pasadena wedding

Pasadena backyard Wedding

Jessie + Adrian - Wayfarer's Chapel

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Jade + Yevin - Smoky Hollows Studio

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TORI + Scott - Santa Barbara Hilton

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Siena + Michael - Culver Hotel

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vickie + howard -
university club pasadena

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Laura + Craig - Pasadena 

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I LOVE celebrating the relationships that make us who we are! That's why my focus is on small weddings - it provides a chance for you to dive deep into your relationships.

Sharing a big life event, like a wedding, on a smaller scale leads to BIG connection, and that is where the real life happens! Small and intimate weddings may appear on the outside to be about less, but truly they make room for so much more.

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