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Our vision is to bring your vision to life! So even if you feel like you don't know what you don't know... I can guarantee you, you are in the right place to begin!

Together we can change the wedding planning experience to be more inclusive, collaborative, and filled with empathy while you navigate real-life relationships.

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Are you ready for your small wedding to make A BIG IMPACT?

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"Not only did Sarah help us plan, coordinate major vendors, and outline logistics - she was thoughtful and sensitive to family relationships, concerns we voiced during the process and she navigated every interaction perfectly. Sarah demonstrated so much value throughout the planning process."

- Zeina + Kyle

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Your relationships with friends & family are tantamount to your event - more so than the "perfect" decor


You want to have an intimate celebration that puts a new twist on modern traditional weddings


Making decisions isn't something you shy away from once you've researched all your options


You want your day to be slow and meaningful and not carried away in the hustle and bustle


Your guest count is small - we serve weddings up to 100 guests (on average our clients have 40-80 guests)

Kindred Weddings and Events is here to be a resource, a guiding light, and a sounding board as you navigate planning a small wedding. I know you're excited but may still have a few questions - don't worry we answered them for you already!

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