Our goal:

Right now, you’re overwhelmed!
 Your wedding date is looming up ahead, but you don’t know what the right next step is. There are too many options available! 

You’re longing for a clear path forward and a way to make decisions effortlessly so that you can stop wasting time browsing the internet hoping to stumble upon the mythical “how-to” article that will solve all of your planning woes!

You’ve tried following online planning lists and searching through every Los Angeles wedding coordinator list on The Knot, but it just hasn’t worked. And so now you’re feeling burnt out and unmotivated to plan.

Putting your relationships first

If one more person asks you a question about the wedding you feel like you might just snap from the overwhelm, and potentially ruin a precious relationship! I’ve been there and I know how that goes.

What if you could confidently plan the small wedding you’ve been secretly hoping for? And as a result, you could have more time and energy than you ever imagined possible to spend with the people you cherish the most?

Just image feeling confident knowing your wedding day was supporting all of your amazing relationships, all while setting up your marriage each and every day.

Trust me, there is a different way!

Services to Save Your Sanity

just one scroll away...

As your wedding coordinator/manager I will help you:
- Troubleshoot logistics you might not know about
- Locate new and helpful planning tips that ease your decision fatigue
- Craft a timeline that gives you room for margin so you can enjoy extra hugs from your loved ones
- Partner with your venue to design a master layout that invites your guests in for a unique experience
- Do a practice run at your wedding rehearsal so you feel confident everyone is in the loop
- Communicate the essential info to your vendor team (like parking info, vendor meals, arrival times)
- Enjoy your wedding like a guest!


Wedding Management

As your wedding planner and designer let me help you:
- Discover your couple style to craft a wedding day that reflects you and your relationships 
- Uncover ways to weave the things you love into the events design and ambiance (avoiding tacky!)
- Find local vendors who are a perfect fit for your day
- Learn how to set up your wedding budget and track your vendor payments with ease 
- Source rentals locally so your event is filled with professionalism
- Coordinate for a cohesive ambiance with all design vendors (florist, stationer, rentals, etc)
- Track each step in the planning process with a customized monthly planning timeline


Design + Planning

(our most popular service!)

Real Intimate Weddings

wedding planning packages aren't one size fits all

Couples typically invest $2400 - $7500

All our packages are custom created based on your planning needs and the resources we know will help give you more of your time back


On the day of the wedding Sarah was definitely two steps ahead at all times. All of my family loved her & commented on how great she was as our Los Angeles wedding coordinator! My dad kept telling the story that when one of the best man's buttons fell off, she not only sewed it back on but also reinforced the other buttons so they wouldn't come off later! That pretty much sums Sarah up -- solving problems before they even arise.

Michael + Siena

Hear It From Our Couples


Sarah was the MVP of my wedding & I don’t know how I could’ve done it without her! I had many vendors at my wedding, & she kept everyone on track and everything running smoothly leading up to the wedding and on the day of. I would tell you about all the fires she put out on my wedding day, but I don’t know about them because she handled everything discreetly & made sure my husband and I had nothing to worry about except for enjoying the day! 

Jade + Yevin

Hear it from our couples


I cannot say enough good things about Sarah & what she does! She’s a great communicator filled with lots of ideas & definitely knows how to make sure your special day runs smoothly. Sarah goes ABOVE & BEYOND! She gave us lots of helpful tips with the expertise she’s gained throughout the years & I can’t tell you enough how valuable it all was to have her as our Los Angeles wedding coordinator.

Dominic + Corrin

Hear it from our couples

"[wedding planning] cannot stop true love. All it can do is delay it for a while"

The Princess Bride

Our Values


RELATIONSHIPS:  Your relationships are what makes you & your love story so unique. This is why we focus on collaborative vendor partnerships & creative planning to craft a unique experience that reflects your truest self. Our planning process gives you back your time to spend with the people you love most.


BELONGING:  All are welcome here!
I want you to feel known as you truly are - and to be able to show up as your best self on your wedding day. We support diverse and authentic weddings and are allies of the LGBTQ+ community.


GRACIOUS RESPECT: We believe that time is a precious resource we cannot buy or make more of, so communication should always be direct and timely to keep the planning process moving forward. We are all about protecting your time, energy, and sanity through efficiency and managing expectations from the get-go.


HOSPITALITY: We believe you should be a guest at your own wedding and have the ability to be present with your loved ones. So, we employ professional standards of hospitality at every level to include and welcome all into the celebration with warmth and genuine care. 

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